Deciding when to meet someone you’ve gotten to know online is never to be taken lightly. You should always be careful about whom you trust from online dating websites. It’s even more important that you do not take any unnecessary risks when meeting someone who’s still a stranger – no matter how much time you’ve spent talking to each other. The risks that come with meeting a stranger may be greater when it comes to women but that does not mean men don’t have their own dangers to face. Your gender does not make you invincible. A gun pointed at you will still have the same effect as to what it does to the body.

If you feel it is time to meet your online friend, pal, or companion, then you might want to consider the following guidelines.

Tip #1 Choose a public place.

It must be public in every sense of the word. This means that most people can gain reasonable access to it and that there’d be lots of people around by the time the two of you meet. This way, there are fewer chances for the other person to threaten you – if it’s his or her attention to do so in the first place, that is. It should be a public place filled with lots of people, too. This way, there’d be sure to hear your call for help if something untoward happens.

Tip #2 See how the other person feels.

If you are going to be the first one to bring up the possibility of meeting in person then you need to tread carefully. A lot of people deliberately choose online dating sites to find new friends because they like the anonymity of it. If you come off as too persistent or aggressive with your offer to meet in person, the other party might shy away or avoid you for good.

Tip #3: Be financially prepared.

Sure, it’s nice to think that the other person is not after your money for whatever reason. Yes, it’s also good to think that the other person won’t care about where you’ll have your date and what you’d be doing. Even so, it does not hurt to be financially prepared for any eventuality. The truth is, money is powerful in smoothing your way out of trouble. If you want to make a great impression on the other person then you need the money to do it.

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