Most people when choosing online dating as the place for finding their match are usually the kind of folks that are looking to get involved into a serious relationship, a long-term romance that might end-up in a marriage. However, not all guys and girls are in searching for their half but nowadays more and more go for a no strings attached date or adult fun without no further implication.

Searching for an adult date that shares the same taste and appetite when it comes to sex is like searching the needle in a haystack. It is definitely quite a difficult task to find a NSA date on regular online dating sites and this is where comes into the spotlights. Whether one is single and tries to find an adult fun date, or being implied in a serious relationship that somehow has reached its limits when it comes to bedroom fun, this website tries to satisfy each and every member’s high expectations. It was launched as an online adult dating website aimed to naughty UK people that are searching for a straight to the subject match, no hassles involved. makes searching for a person that shares the same desire for finding an adult date so easy. Claiming they have thousands of registered people, those are part of two main categories : some are just testing the waters as beginners in adult dating, others are folks that tried its all and adult dating is not something unknown for them. Even if this site is made for no strings attached dating, it seems that more and more people end up with a serious romance while they meet alike men/women to share their sexual desire with.

As anything that comes for free in our lives is better, so that registration, photos uploading and members’ browsing involves no money at Intimacy is also at higher levels, anonymously being offered when registering on this adult dating site.

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