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Rock Music Dating Site – Online dating just for rocker

On the face of it, the offers from big brand dating companies to single people looking to find the love of their life online should be irresistible; eChemistry offers to use scientifically proven algo to find you a partner. is so confident it can find you love withing a certain period or it will refund you money. And there are hundreds of smaller sites pitching in with offers to find love for the single guy or girl.

Well, despite all this offers, quite a few people abandon the big brand offers and choose to look for love in unlikely places such as discussion forums. According to the founder of Rock Music Dating Site, he has been running a rock music forum for about 4 years, in that 4 year period, there were several post from both men and women trying to find a partner at his rock forums, that is when the ideas of actually starting a rock music dating site first occurred to him.

After considering starting a dating site for several years, the decision was finally reached in 2010, however Rock Music Dating Site did not go online till late 2011. There were several options on the most suitable dating platform to use “because we did not want to go down the road of coding our own dating platform, we settled for a white label dating powered platform”.

According to the spokes person for Rock Music Dating, White Label Dating solution offer immense advantages over using and out of the box dating script or having custom script built specifically for them. The most attractive of the option was the fact that White Label Dating solution comes with many a database already populated with thousands of members so they do not have to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds building the user base.

Rock Music Dating Site is now open for business and its user based is growing steadily. New members can sign up to join UK version of rock music dating site here. . They have sign up pages for US, Ireland and Canada. Direct sign up page for some of their international sites follows:

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