An online dating profile is really the only thing that you have to tell people about yourself. It will showcase who you are, what you are about, what you are looking for, your interests and others. It is the single most important thing when it comes to your dating online experience.

Your online profile consists of your profile name, the information on your profile as well as the pictures associated with the profile.

Your profile name – It is best to choose a profile name that says a bit about you or something you like. For instance, if you are the poetic type you can use “poetic Sam”as your username if your name is Sam. Usernames that are sexually oriented should be avoided like the plague.

Filling in the profile – Try to be as honest as possible for your profile. Lies always come out, especially if you have a significant connection with someone, so be truthful from the very start. Complete as much of your profile as possible, because this will give a prospective partner more information about you. The more information about you thatyou give out will enable one to know what you are about, and if there is something they don’t like on your profile then they can cross you out before they even contact you. You will have people who are truly interested in what you have to offer. Let your personality come through on the profile and you should do great.

When it comes to the part about what you are looking for, be as honest as possible. However, keep in mind that no one is perfect, so try not to have a long list of things you do not want. If you are looking for a perfect person, they don’t exist and you might miss the chance to meet someone great.

Your profile pic – it is true what they say, a profile picture can say more about you than any words you can use to describe yourself. Make sure that the picture you use shows you as you look at that current moment. Let it be clear, and up-close. Most people prefer to put a half/head shot of themselves, but a full body picture is also acceptable. Never put a picture that is not your own, because the whole point is to be honest upfront.

An online dating profile is important, if you genuinely want to meet people that you want to get to know better. Make sure that you put it up so that it reflects who you are.

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